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Hi Kelly,

We have never had this problem. Our method is quite straightforward
and avoids the use of toxic xylene and the need for cleaning molds in
a fume cupboard. We simply place all the used molds in a large
stainless steel bowl, pour an excess of inexpensive liquid dishwashing
detergent over the top of the molds then cover the molds with hot
water. The stainless steel bowl is then placed on a hot plate and the 
 soapy water allowed to boil for 60 minutes. The molds are then 
washed thoroughly in running hot water until clean. They are then
transferred into a wire mesh basket, excess water shaken off and then
placed into a 56C oven until dry. The excess amount of detergent tends
to take care of the wax residue very effectively. Once the molds have
been dried a detergent film remains on the stainless steel surface of
the mold thus preventing sticking problems.

Hope this helps.

Ron Rainbow
Scientist in Charge
Department of Anatomical Pathology
Royal Hobart Hospital
GPO Box 1061L
Australia 7001
Ph 0362228771
Facsimile 0362228191

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