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From:Roger Moretz <>
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Some of the traditional EM suppliers (Energy Beam
Sciences, EM Sciences, Ted Pella, Polysciences, et al)
have been suppliers of these.  The manufacturers I
have used most consistently is Erie Scientific (can't
remember their url, tho').  You might also check the
standard lab supply houses (VWR, Fisher, Thomas, et
al).  There are others, but I have been away from that
area for a few years now, and don't remember exactly
who (and the catalogs and other stuff was landfilled
at about the time I moved out of the area).

Roger Moretz, Ph.D.
Dept of Toxicology

NB--I have no financial interest in any of the listed
suppliers--I have used all or nearly all over the
years.  I am sure others can or will provide other

--- Linda Prentice <> wrote:
> I have a researcher who must have 12mm round
> coverglasses for an
> experiment. Although he would settle for 12mm
> square, the round ones are
> preferable. Is there a vendor out there who sells
> such a thing?   He seems
> to remember that they come from a German company.
> Thanks
> Linda
> Linda Prentice
> Department of Anatomy
> University of California San Francisco
> 513 Parnassus Ave
> Room S-1343
> San Francisco CA 94143-0452
> Phone 415-476-1439
> Fax 415-476-4845

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