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  The name of the book is "Histopathologic Methods and Color Atlas of
Special Stains and Tissue Artifacts" by Lee G. Luna.  It was published in
1992, however, the text never goes out of style! I believe that it can
probably be purchased through the National Society for Histotechnology.  We
have had it in our lab for about 5 years, I think.  It is a great reference
book.  As for your young techs,  I consider myself one as I have only been
in the field for about 8 years, straight out of college, but I learned early
on that my older co-worker's knowledge of the field was invaluable and very
much contribute the knowledge I have today and the position I have today to
those techs and everything they taught me!  

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to Carla

I am quite interested in the book you mentioned. The last book purchased
here is 
a 1992 edition. The young techs tend to think that they can handle most
better than us old timers but having a good book in hand would help me meet 
their challange better. 

All I need is the date of the last edition and the authors' names.

St. Luke's Hospital


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