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Hi Simon,

The species name for our dearest rat friends is Rattus norvegicus.

Hope this helps,

>>> Simon Smith <> - 4/21/2000 8:25 PM >>>
Just thought I'd reiterate a question I embedded in a previous posting:

mouse = murine
dog = canine
cow = bovine
wolf = lupine
cat = feline
rabbit = lapine
goat = caprine.....etc

So what's a rat?  

Rattine would be a logical choice but isn't particularly satisfying, and the
other replies of "someone who doesn't pay for dinner" or "someone who
doesn't buy a round" while perfectly true, are not quite what I'm after.

So come on you grammarians and scholars of the english language (or any of
those dead languages that made it what it is today) and help me out.

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