RE: bone marrow aspirates

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We used to (and still do when necessary) wrap small bits in toilet 
paper, loo roll, bog paper, whatever you may call it, of the type that 
has the appearnce and feel of "grease proof" paper.  I think it was 
sometimes sold with disinfective "in" it.
Very ineffective for its intended purpose, but great for processing.  I 
would tell you how to fold it, but my keyboard skills are inadequate.
Whenever staff went on holiday, they were charged with stealing 
spare sheets (they came interwoven in a packet, rather like some 
tissues now).
My raidrs were so successful, that we have enough to see me well 
beyond retirement.
p.s. I have just passed 27 yrs!

Russ Allison, 
Dental School

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