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I would suggest that you check with your fire department to see what the
regulations are.

Here is San Diego we have a yearly fire safety inspection.  This is what we
are required to do. The regulations are partly determined on the size of the
building, sprinkler systems (which we don't have), etc.

I have to store all of my flammables in glass safety coated bottles in a
flammable closet, in maximum 4L containers.  

Working solutions do not need to be stored in a flammable closet.  We are
allowed to have up to 1L glass containers   of working flammables out, and
up to 500 mL in plastic containers.

My staining setup is under a fume hood, but I don't believe that is part of
the fire regulation.  Health wise its much safer.

Rose Bellantoni
Integra Life Sciences, CRC
San Diego, CA
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> Hi Histonetters,
> Does anyone have the source of the regulation that speaks to the quantity
> of reagent allowed at the bench?  We are actually getting questioned on
> our frozen section staining solutions by a safety consult.  This person is
> suggesting that because of the alcohol and xylenes that this needs to be
> in a flammables cabinet!!  I am sure that there is a reg that covers
> working solutions at the bench but am unable to find it.
> Thanks for all  your expertise!!
> Cheryl George, HT (ASCP)
> Histo/Cyto Supervisor
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