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A grand total of 4 have confessed to being supervisors who gross in. I did
not directly ask this question of everyone though...Kathy

"Monteverde, Cheryl A BACH-Ft Wainwright" wrote:

> Kathy,
>         Out of curiosity, how many of those at the upper end of the pay
> scale are also supervisors, or strictly a bench tech?
> cheryl
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> Sent: Tuesday, April 18, 2000 4:33 PM
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> Subject: results histotechs and grossing in
> Hello all,
> Here are the results of the mini survey that I have conducted. First a
> big Thanks! for the folks  who answered! I received 9 replies. Replies
> were from the West coast (2), East coast (2 plus myself), Midwest (1)
> and 4 unknown's. Techs grossed in everything from only biopsies, to
> biopsies and non complex smalls ( tonsils, prostate chips ) to biopsies
> and smalls and non complex larges ( gallbladders ) to everything (
> mastectomies, colons for CA, radical necks.). And one group does
> necropsis on large and small animals. The common thread was that this
> was " in addition " to regular histotech duties. People regulary rotated
> through the gross bench, some subbed in, some grossed in every day, it
> was equally divided. Now for the nitty gritty: salary ranges: The ranges
> were at a lowest going rate of roughly $12 an hour /$25,000 year to a
> high of roughly $19 an hour /$ 40,000 year. The East coast made a bit
> more than the West coast, (see the most recent salary survey in lab
> medicine). Keep in mind that some tech's had no bureacratic duties,
> others had alot. Another common thread was that everyone felt that they
> were not adquately compensated for these grossing duties.  So there it
> is!! Any questions email me at hkcorm@banet.net
> Thanks!  Kathy

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