wall mounted grossing room splash shields

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As promised to those who participated in the ASCP teleconference on
Friday, April 7, 2000, please contact the company listed below for more
information about wall mounted grossing area splash shields.

For those of you who were not involved with the teleconference, I
mentioned that we have installed splash shields everywhere there is a
potential for splashes in our lab.  We have them over each gross cutting
station in Histology, over the sink and cutting area in our frozen section
room, and over the sinks that we use to dump any chemicals.  The 1.5ft x
2ft shields are attached to flexible plastic tubes which allow for the
shield to be raised, lowered, or moved side to side to fit most
situations.  The clinical lab also has mounted the shields over sinks
and at blood processing areas to prevent splashes.

Each one may be custom ordered to suit your needs.

Please contact

Plastic Fabricators
145 W. College Ave.
York, PA 17404

Phone -717-843-4222
Fax - 717-854-1567


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