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It would be nice if there was a set standard for the amount of work a
histotech can do (or should do)  but I'm afraid the work load dictates
that.  I worked alone in my lab for over two years before I could convince
the higher ups that I needed help.  During one month in that period I cut
over 2000 slides in a month and that included all the embedding of those
blocks, (normally one block equals one slide), and we stain and coverslip
all by hand.  This was also doing some immuno work, all the ordering and
doing the monthly charges.  I can tell you by the end of that month, my
arms and shoulders WERE HURTING.  The only help I received at the time was
being put on anti-inflammatories.  Eventually I was able to hire someone
and train them.   I work in research and the reason that month was so busy
was because grants ran out and everyone who had held up their work, now
needed it done immediately.     Yes, I probably should have taken more
breaks and stretches but that wouldn't have gotten the work done.
I hope this helps someone by know ing what can happen if you don't take
care of yourself.

Karen Dulany
Eppley Institute for Cancer Research
Omaha, Ne

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