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From:Neralie <n.coulston@unsw.edu.au>
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Thanks for your replies.

The cell line (a mouse hybridoma that produces anti-DNP IgE H1E 026)  is
not listed with ATCC or similar databases, although a similar cell line,
accession # 255 (SPE-7) is listed in the ATCC hybridoma data base but the
only distributors are Sigma, ICN who carry the antibody only, or Biomakor
(now Rehovot Facility - a Sigma subsidiary????) about which I am having
trouble finding information, (but I think they also carry the antibody
 I think the original cell is characterised in Liu et al The Journal of
Immunology. 1980. 124:6, 2728.  I am yet to try to contact the
authors/institution of the (now 20 yr old) original paper but any further
information anyone could give me would be excellent.


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