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Nicely stated, Joe.  So far the response has been quick - but I know there are many, many more research personnel out there, I've rec'd ~ 30 replies thus far - keep them coming!  I've sent this to the VIR, but have not seen it posted yet.  I'll give them  a couple more days then follow up on it.  Please feel free to forward the message to others in the research arena who may not be on the histonet - the more data the better.

Thanks everyone!  


>>> "Saby, Joseph" <> - 4/4/2000 10:25 AM >>>
Fellow HistoNetters-

It is my understanding that the results of the survey will be posted on the
HistoNet.  Of course, this assumes that there are results to post.

My personal plea is to all of us in research to take the few minutes it will
take to fill out the survey.  Yes, this means all of you who have asked me
for copies, and all those who want the results posted.

We are working in a time when the job market is VERY tight for employers.
To find qualified people, many companies are offering incentives like
sign-on bonuses, not to mention an expanded wage range.  With the number of
qualified training schools and programs decreasing in our area of expertise,
finding quality people has become a real problem across the country.  Many
times, colleagues who have worked at one place for a long time find that
they aren't making as much as the new hires just because the new hires
wouldn't be interested in signing on for the old pay scale.  Periodically,
companies perform Market Research Analysis, which is supposed to link
specific job responsibilities/titles with pay across a broad range of
similar companies. In the past I have heard of some very strange job
associations/companies included in the survey.

This survey is our opportunity to see how we really compare with each other
in the pay/responsibility scale.  But we really MUST have the input from as
many people as possible for there to be any significance to the results.  If
you are well paid, we all need to know about it.  If you are poorly paid, we
need that information as well.  The broader the range of pay scales, the
greater the need to bring the lower salaries in line.  Supervisors will need
to know this information if they want to keep their trained and qualified
people, as well as to have an idea of how much it will cost to bring in a
new person.

I'm sorry I got so long-winded, but as you can guess I really see the need
for the results of this survey.  Sorry Mary, but I hope you are overwhelmed
with the response.   I do hope people will take the time to complete the

Joseph A. Saby, BA, HT(ASCP)
Phone: (734)-622-3631
FAX:    (734)-622-3478

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     Can whomever has access to the Salary Survey Results please agree to
post those results to everyone on the histonet so we can dispense with all
the "Me too! Me too!" e-mails?  
     Sorry.  It's late, I'm tired, I haven't had enough beer yet...

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