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Hi Anita,
    We got warned about the pH testing of buffers on our last CAP
inspection. We immediately got a hand held pH meter.(I think it was from
a CMS catalog) We must check the pH each time the buffer is made up. The
price was affordable and it was easy to use.
	Dip sticks are probably not a good idea since it leaves color
interpretation up to the user, and small fluctuations are harder to
intrpret. Also, the digital reading makes for better record keeping of
the pH.
Amos Brooks
ps: sorry it took so long to respond, I was at the NYSHS meeting in
(It was fantastic)

anita dudley wrote:

> Would anyone out there let me know what they use to check the ph of their
> IHC buffer.  It is a question on the CAP checklist, we have dip sticks but I
> just wonder if other people are using a ph meter and what kind and is it
> checked every day?  thanks so much for the info
> Anita Dudley
> Providence Hosp
> Mobile Ala
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