Re: DAKO Stainer Problems?

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From:amos brooks <>
To:Sandy Julsing <>
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    We have had a few pain in the ___ problems too but in all fairness the company has been very good about replacing them. They even modified the racks they gave us. Let DAKO know the problem and they will probably be of some help to you. (If not send them to me :-) haha.) I think the plastic racks tend to warp a little if they are washed in hot water.
Amos Brooks

Sandy Julsing wrote:

>       Has anyone had any problems with the new plastice racks inside the DAKO autostainer? We cannot seem to get them level, if one slide position is level another is not. This has been the cause (we think) of non-specific staining on corners ofslides that were so tilted that when the DAB was applied it ran off and that corner air-dried.  Anyone other DAKO autostainer users noticing this?  Thanks,  Sandosis

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