Re: Knife Sharpeners - Thank You!!

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From:MICHELLE LOWE <>, Histologists <>
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We use a Shandon Autosharp 5 to sharpen our Cryostat
blades.  The knife sharpener that I purchased is
specifically for the grossing tools used by our
Pathologists.  The knife sharpener that I purchased
will "1) create a first angle of the blade edge,
preparing it for honing and 2)will hone and polish a
second angle creating an ultra sharp cutting edge." :)

--- wrote:
> Dear Michelle,
> Thanks for letting us know. Can't do much better
> than that! Out of interest, 
> does the sharpener you got strop the blades? This
> appears to be important 
> with microtome knives. If you find the time, please
> let us know if the knives 
> section well after using the Target method.
> Many thanks,
> Elfi Hacker

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