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I microtomed for about 25 years.  My shoulder started bothering me so much 
that I started microtoming standing up.  That solved the problem, since I 
didn't have to raise my arm so high.  I'm short waisted, and sat as high as 
I could at the counter.  Recently, I tried one of the new microtomes that 
has a handle that moves back and forth, not around.  I LOVED it!  If I was 
still microtoming, that's exactly what I would get.  But my techs are very 
stuck on their 1512 Leitz's.  One tech has had some carpel tunnel problems, 
and it's because he was holding his handle at the wrong angle.  Since he 
changed his position, it's stopped hurting.

Becky Scholes
Histology Supervisor
Iowa Pathology Associates
Des Moines, Iowa

>Subject: Fwd: Ergonomics
>Date: Tue, 04 Apr 2000 09:47:46 -0400 (EDT)
>I find it very interesting the different opinions that people have about
>microtomes and ergonomics.   If it is possible I would like to hear from 
>who have been having trouble with hands, wrists, shoulders and how long you
>have been a histotech.
>I dont think that all of us have enough information on it. It seems to be,
>well that dont bother me, so I dont have to do anything about it. Well, 
>wait a few years.
>So please all you Histonetters, let me know.
>Thanks in advance,
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