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I have to agree with you Freida.  Although I am not an "old timer" (I've
only been in the field for 3 years) I prefer my AO microtome over the 3
newer ones our lab has.  I've tried the newer ones we obtained and in my
opinion they just seem too bulky.  I like my smaller, sits lower AO.  Maybe
it's because I'm short and my arms reach the wheels better, who knows.  But
anyways, even as member of the newer generation of histotechs I have to
admit I prefer the old over the new.  I'm going to make this AO microtome of
mine last as long as I possibly can!

Renee Escalona, BS, HTL (ASCP)
Veterinary Laboratory Technologist
TX Vet. Med. Diag. Lab.
College Station, TX
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> Why do you suppose that those of us who spent many hours, days, and years
> cutting on the old black AO microtomes did not, and do not, seem to have
> carpal tunnel syndrome that is so prevalent now?  Do some of you other
> timers" also agree with this.  I know that that sat much lower and were
> comfortable to use than some of the newer microtomes, which require that
> elevate your arms more.  That may be some food for thought in this for
> of the current designers.
> Freida Carson

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