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Dear Jeanne:
When I have pick up OR specimens, I have found the requisitions soiled with 
blood,  also formalin spilled on them. The OR Nurses are suppose to put the 
paper work in a biohazard bag when soiled but 8 out of 10 times they don't 
either they don't care, to busy, or forgot their Microbiology classed they 
took in college. I have always used gloves when handling the paper work, plus 
we had one computer just for entering the requisition information in the 
histo lab so to not comtamated all our equipment. I have seen a lot of 
mishandling of items due to RN "s forgetting their basic micro they were 
taught in school. I have worked in many departments within the hospital. I 
hope this helps. PS I in no way mean to offend any RN's, this is not to be 
taking personal.
thank you
sandi miller
MRICD Research

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