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From:Jim Ball <histo007@hotmail.com>
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On the question of why the gelatin does not become a liquid solution when 
exposed to heat on the processor, be as simple as the alcohols have remove 
all the water that made up this Cosby delight in the first place thus 
preventing any such liquefaction process.

On the question of a lack of contrast with thin section 1 to 2 microns. I 
have found more contrast can be obtained by adjusting the ph of many of your 
staining solutions. Granted there isn't the over abundance of stain found in 
many of the thicker sections causing their own type of interpretation 

Now on to a question I would like an answer to how many department allow 
food and drink in cytology reading areas. This has always been a thorn in 
side of many histologists I know. I fought a long and hard battle to prevent 
nourishment in this area. I find the reasons apparent, but to my 
malnourished cytologists I was denying them a basic right granted to them 
and them alone by no other than the creator himself
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