RE: Putting the "squeeze" on, it has come to this!

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completely agree with you Phil.  i do the same with my vector ABC reagents.
over the years i have had to train people in immuno and quickly realized
that  everyone's drop is not the same.  for the last 10 years i have had a
chart i made taped to my bench with microliter amounts for each reagent from
the kit relative to the total volume to be made (the nipples in the bottles
pull out easily).  works like a charm..... i can't tell you how many times
that chart has been taken down, photocopied, and taped back up.


ps Gayle ......"So it is switch, rather than fight!" (Taryton commercial??)

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I haven't actually tried this, but looking at our Vector
can't-squeeze bottles, it seems as if the nipple could be pulled out
with pliers (I don't have old bottles handy to try this, just ones in
use). After removing the nipple, the fluid could be withdrawn with a
pipetter or transfer pipette.

Or just take a (sterile) razor blade and after a particularly
frustrating day slice off the nipple. Might be therapeutic.


>Help,  I need to know some opinions on an AEC kit, to replace mine.  I love
>the reagents and the results, but can no longer tolerate the little hard
>sided squeeze bottles!  It it just too painful to deal with, and would like
>to know of another AEC that is as good as Vector's. Hopefully, they are
>looking in, and also in the future get rid of those little bricks we have
>to squeeze!  I rarely complain, well, almost! but this has gone beyond the
>beyond.  So it is switch, rather than fight! tossing in the towel! My
>finger joints will thank me.
>So recommendations please!  I would prefer a simple method of making it up,
>two step.  Tired of having sore fingers insulted by ergonomically incorrect
>squeeze bottles!  What a bummer! Other vendors should be "squeezed" into
>rethinking their packaging also.
>Putting the "squeeze" on after feeling "squeezed" myself!
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