static cling!

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From:Gayle Callis <>
Date:Thu, 30 Sep 1999 15:24:42 -0600

Try dryer sheets, if you will, on clothing or near where she is causing
the spark.  We used to blow the antistatic spray up our skirts (yes, it
was a blast!), but aerosol sprays like that are probably outlawed, and
not because of the way we used them, folks!  Hooray for slacks, and no
more shocked stares when the med techs did this in clinical lab. Always
had to borrow histo's antistatic "under the skirts" spray.  I also have
a little 45 automatic antistatic gun, red, available from Aldrich and
others, try a CD music store, but be careful to not touch metal parts
as it will impart an arm jolting shock. 

Our EM lab increases humidity in Montana, but you may have enough 
of that where you are located.

I would suggest unscented sheets, the perfume they put on sheets  is
more obnoxious than static.  

Sorry for the shocking advice

Gayle Callis  

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