minute by minute - procedure breakdown

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From:Melody Ricci <melodyricci@usa.net>
To:Histonet Mailing List <histonet@pathology.swmed.edu>
Date:20 Sep 99 14:23:30 CDT
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Hi all!

For those of you who have dilegently figured out the time (in minutes) to
actually perform the histology procedures in the lab, if you would be willing
to share that information, I would be grateful.  I know many of you hospital
histotechs have done these studies before, but now I need to help with one. 
Procedures which need to be broken down into the minutes spent doing frozens,
surgicals, cytologies, immunos, special stains, etc. is what we've been asked
to determine.  Or if you could refer me to another source where this
information might already be published, like in a journal.

Thanks for the help!



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