let the "names" begin!!

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From:"Vaughan, Mary" <Mary.Vaughan@RoswellPark.org>
To:"'histonet'" <HistoNet@pathology.swmed.edu>
Date:Wed, 22 Sep 1999 12:19:06 -0400

Hello Everyone,
	I was surprised at the number of slogans that have been posted
[we usually aren't short on words]!  SOOO.. I tossed around the idea of
names for the Histonet Button with a colleague and here's what

"Histonet - good for stains"
"Histonet - catch something good in the surf"
"Histonet - what's happening NOW"
"Histonet - pass it on"
"Histonet - how to handle a problem"
"Histonet - BEFORE the paper comes out"
"Histonet - common knowledge"	 (my personal favorite)   or "Histonet -
Uncommon knowledge"
"Histonet - YOUR share of the information"
"Histonet - the world in YOUR lab"
"Histonet - slide into it"
"Histonet - scope it out"
"Histonet - how to do it worldwide"

Best Regards,
Mary Vaughan HT (ASCP)
Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Elm + Carlton Sts.   CDC-121
Buffalo, NY 14263

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