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From:"Donna Sitrin" <>
Date:Wed, 29 Sep 1999 11:50:14 -0700
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Does anyone out there follow new techniques or products for cytochems (alpha
napthyl butyrate, non specific esterase, TRAP stains, etc.)

I am trying to create my own kits for these for employees to use.  We have
problems with consistency, as well as problems with the distinct likes and
dislikes of the hematopathologist. (He does not like the Sigma kits and we
can not use them.)

On the other hand, we do not do an overly large amount of them, and
continually mixing everything from scratch is not only
labor intensive, but not really cost effective either as we end up using it
once and throwing it away.

If there are any cytochem gurus out there, I would love to here from you.

Thanks in advance,
Donna in Denver
Unipath, LLC

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