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Date:Mon, 20 Sep 1999 21:04:01 -0500
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How sectioned? I recall a Leica ad for a freezing sledge microtome that
they showed sectioning a whole rhesus monkey, and the NIH has recently
produced atlases by freezing microtomy of whole people.

The "section" was trash. The technique was to section, clean the new block
face, photograph, section, ... etc. Would this work for you?


>Greetings Histonetters,
>        Does anyone out there in Histoland have experience with
>sectioning of whole mice?[yes, the whole animal - undissected]  Can it
>be done?  What's involved?  Details please!  One of the investigators
>here is curious and so am I. I'll compile all of the info I receive and
>give a summary. Thanks.
>Best Regards,
>Mary Vaughan HT (ASCP)
>Roswell Park Cancer Institute
>Elm + Carlton Sts.   CDC-121
>Buffalo, NY 14263

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