Re: stereology:preventing tissue shrinkage

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From:Mary Latimer <>
Date:Thu, 23 Sep 1999 09:22:16 +0100 (BST)
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Dear Donna   I do not know how to solve your problem but I would be
extremely interested in any feed back that you get...I do know this that
as soon as you fix any tissue you shrink it and depending on how fixed it
is the shrikage varies so you start with a distortion....please could you
forward your replies to this interesting question  regards Mary Latimer

On Wed, 22 Sep 1999, Donna Simmons wrote:

> Dear HistoNetters,
> I'm posting this question for a colleague, so could you email direct
> replies to her?
> I've told her a bit about HistoNet, and asked her to keep a synopsis of
> private replies to share with the group when she solves her problem.
> thanks, -Donna
> --------------------------------------------------
> This is a question regarding treatment of 40um frozen
> sections of rat brain: immuno-stained while free floating,
> and then mounted on slides after staining and air dried
> before coverslipping and analysis...
> >I have a question about immunohistochemistry. We have
> >obtained equipment and software to do stereology but
> >found that the immuno tissue I prepare has dehydrated
> >from the original 40um sections to about 5 or 6 um. We
> >cannot do stereology on these thin sections. Do you
> >know any techniques to use during immuno, or for
> >mounting the tissue after staining, that will have a
> >less drastic effect on the volume of the tissue? I've
> >heard only one suggestion so far. That was to mount
> >the tissue on a slide then coverslip without
> >dehydrating in either alcohol or zylene, then seal the
> >coverslip edges with something like fingernail polish.
> >Do you have any experience with this kind of problem,
> >or do you know any labs doing stereology on
> >immuno-treated tissue?
> >===
> >M. Claire Cartford, Ph.D.  <>
> >University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
> >4200 E. 9th Ave.
> >CPH Box C268-71
> >Denver, Colorado 80262
> >tel. (303)399-8020 ex 2384
> >fax  (303)331-8324
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