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From:"Barry Rittman" <>
To:histology <>
Date:Mon, 20 Sep 1999 09:01:05 -0500
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                this has been suggested several times but the problem is that
its a pain to maintain dyes in this manner.
You can make large batches of hematoxylin and place a layer of mineral oil on
the surface to prevent further oxidation. The Hx is generally stored in a
separating funnel and the Hx drawn off from the bottom when needed.

Bonnie Whitaker wrote:

> Hi!
> A researcher posed a question to me the other day...... if you replace the
> air with nitrogen in a bottle of hematoxylin after each use, will it prolong
> its shelf-life?
> Anyone ever tried this?
> Thanks!!
> Bonnie Whitaker
> UT--Houston
> Medical School

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