Re: Wanted: Green Tissue Tek Staining Racks

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From:"Margaret Gondo" <>
To:"Victor A. Tobias" <>
Date:Fri, 17 Sep 1999 15:18:14 -0500
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Hi Victor -

I found them in the VWR catalog.  Their number is 1-800-932-5000.  The last
catalog I looked at, the staining racks were well hidden in the histology

Good luck

"Victor A. Tobias" <> on 09/15/99 05:42:54 PM

cc:    (bcc: Margaret Gondo/GeneMedicine)
Subject:  Wanted: Green Tissue Tek Staining Racks

Yes there are still some of us that stain the old fashioned way. The new
Tissue Tek racks only hold 24 slides and the old ones held 25. If anyone
has some that are collecting dust, please let us know. We are looking for
the ones that had a single metal handle mounted on one side. I believe the
still older ones had sort of a heavy wire handle that went from one end to
the other. These would work as well. I'm sure some sort of monetary
compensation could be worked out. Thanks
Victor Tobias
Manager Tissue Processing Lab
Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab
Washington State University
Pullman Washington 99164-7034
(509) 335-5590
(509) 335-7424 fax

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