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To:"Weems, Joyce" <>, "'Histonet'" <>
Date:Thu, 30 Sep 1999 12:51:31 -0500
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Hello Fellow Histonetters who can't wait to get to Providence and away from
the stress for a while,
 We use dryer sheets (yes, like Downey).  Rubbed over thier hands, clothes,
microtomes etc. they eliminate paraffin ribbons from sticking and/or flying
away.  Hope this hepls.
Jan Mahoney
Omaha, NE

At 11:33 AM 09/30/1999 -0400, Weems, Joyce wrote:
>Does anyone have any good solutions to eliminate static electricity? We have
>a tech who carries a large charge :>) and she is about to go crazy! Thanks,
>Joyce Weems
>Pathology Manager
>Saint Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta

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