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Date:Fri, 17 Sep 1999 09:43:31 -0400
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I've never really had this problem, but I don't believe it is the bluing
reagent if you are following with a 3-5 minute wash.

Are you buying the Eosin already made?  What Eosin solution are you using?

Rande Kline
EM Science on 09/16/99 06:41:59 PM

Subject:  Eosin

Dear Histonetters

    Occasionally we run into the problem of blotchy eosin in our H&E stain
line.  Microscopically, it appears after staining, the eosin doesn't stain
blotches in all our tissue.  This is not recurrent in every rack of slides
though.  Our staining setup is:

Hematoxylin  5 minutes
rinse  about 10 dips in running water
Acid Alcohol 2 quick dips
rinse about 10 dips
Scotts Tap water 10 - 20 dips
rinse 10-20 dips
100% alcohol 10 dips
eosin 1 minute
4 changes of 100% alcohol
4 changes xylene

     Should we change to Ammonia water or Lithium Carbonate water instead
Scotts or is there another reason blotchy eosin occurs in this setup?  Any
and all suggestions would be appeciated.  If you need more info let me


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