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From:"KathY Liucci" <>
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Date:Thu, 23 Sep 1999 15:52:38 -0500
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This concerns the state of Arizona, USA. Does anyone know what the regulations
are regarding disposal of small quantities of 10% neutral buffered formalin in
Arizona, could it be flushed to the drain with running water? The quantity will
not exceed 150ml in one day. If not what are the regulations, please? 

I live in Mesa, AZ and we are not to dispose of any formaldehyde down the sewer system.  At my hospital, we collect it in an empty formalin cube, and have it hauled away by the hazardous waste disposal company.  At our sister hospital, they neutralize it with VYTAC and then dump it down the drain.  I have no knowledge about other areas of the state.  Hope this helps.
Kathy Liucci
Mesa, AZ

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