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Pathco makes a double-edged blade handle (cost about $44) and double-edged
blades to fit it.  FYI, the blades are essentially the same as carpet knives
you can buy in your local super-home-do-it-yourself store.  I buy mine from
VWR (800-234-9300) because I can get them in packs of 100.  They are not
sterile.  Handle is item # 25861-012, blades are item  #25861-010.

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Maryland Department of Natural Resources
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Subject: dissecting knife info needed

Hi fellow histologist & vendors!
Is there a dissecting knife on the market that is double bladed? (for 
cutting in soft tissue) We receive numerous soft tissue masses...that 
are sent for margin study. A representative section is taken-through 
the center of the mass and processed for paraffin sectioning. It 
seems that I have seen or heard of a double blade dissecting knife 
that would make it much easier- than using a single blade. 
I am having a difficult time wording this inquiry! I don't know if it 
has anything to do with the time of day?!?!?!?
Thank you in advance,
Kathy Oprea

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