RE: Low melting paraffin

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From:Brown Alexander <>
To:HistoNet <>
Date:Wed, 29 Sep 1999 11:15:00 +0100

Hi Kim,
	I can't remember who produced RalWax, but Raymond Lamb here in the
UK supplies a low melting point wax ( 45 degC ) called Physiowax. If you
need the address etc., feel free to get in touch.
		Alex Brown
		Crosshouse Hospital
		Kilmarnock, Scotland.

From:  Kimberly L Merriam
Sent:  24 September 1999 17:55
To:  Histonet
Subject:  Low melting paraffin

Does anyone know where to obtain low melting paraffin (42-45C)?  I think it
is called Ral Wax?
Any information would be appreciated.
Kim Merriam
Cambridge, MA

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