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Well said, and I for one, appreciate all that you do.

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Hello all,

I have tried very hard to remain silent about the comments being made about 
the price of microtomes, but I just can't.  When I was in the lab I didn't 
have a clue about what went on in industry. After the last 15 years in the 
chaotic world of medical equipment sales I have a much better understanding.

Hang on while I share a little insight.

Yes, the cost of laboratory equipment is high but, then again, so was the 
household refrigerator that I just bought.  There are many reasons for the 
high prices in our field.  Most of the more established types of instruments

(ie. microtomes, cryostats and processors) have been greatly improved from 
prior models and they continually offer the user more benefits.  New 
instruments have also been made available for the latest requirements in our

rapidly changing environment, such as automated IHC and special stainers. 
Updated and new technology equipment is built with more precision, greater 
safety, more convenience and additional features that were requested by 
people in the field.  Most of the instruments require certification from 
inspection agencies so that they are safe for you to use.  You wouldn't know

the products existed if we didn't advertise in the scientific publications 
and attend the exhibits at the various meetings.  We have sales people who 
visit your labs. We send literature overnight when you get the word that 
money is available, ship equipment in for demonstrations and evaluations, 
supply quotations for budgeting purposes and answer bid requests.  We make 
good on our warranties, stock parts, supply manuals and provide service as 
quickly as possible.  (Don't tell our bosses but we don't always end up 
making every sale and we share the market with our competitors.)  All the 
while there are people in the background who are trying to anticipate your 
needs and produce something that you will all fall in love with the minute 
you see it, buy it, love it, and tell all your friends to buy it too.  Any 
company that intends to survive for any length of time has to put money into

research and development.  We do as much as we can to make you feel
in our companies and happy with your decisions.  We want you to want us
next time.

Thank you for listening as I rattled on.  I hope that this helps you 
understand some of the difficulties from the vendors end on the pricing 

Jan Minshew

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