Morgan Dize update

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From:Lynn Gardner <>
Date:Thu, 30 Sep 1999 11:07:24 -0400
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Attention all histonetters; if you are going to the National meeting coming
up in two weeks please check out the message board and the flyers that will
be given out concerning the Morgan Dize situation. For those of you not
attending the meeting watch for the next NSH in Action as it will have the
same information in it. If you are not going the NSH but someone from your
area is make sure to let them know about this situation.

As of today 9/30/99 Morgan is doing well with her Physical therapy and is
now starting to use her right hand more. Her walking and running are
getting better and she is growing stronger each day. There are some
problems that are not resolving first is she chews on everything and
anything she can get her hands on so the family and friends have to make
sure all small objects are not in reach. One day however, as Lynn sort of
laughs about it now, the family dog and Morgan decided to share a crayon
(the non-toxic kind) but Lynn says it is so hard to keep everything out of
reach and if she does have crayons or paints or other small objects you
have to watch her very closely. The other thing is that her speech is still
not progressing as they had hoped. This may still be because she is working
very hard on her physical abilities which may be too much for her to handle
both right now, they just aren't sure. 

The family just received their first bill for hospital charges only, not
including physician or therapy fees it was $202, 247.63, the funny part
Lynn says is that they have a place for you to pay by credit card!! Lynn
said this is about four time what they paid for their house! The insurance
has also informed the family that they will no longer be paying for
Morgan's physical, or speech therapy so the family will be responsible for
that which is astronomical for the amount she will need over the next few
years. Lynn is looking into government agencies and other organizations for
assistance but like so many they make just enough not to qualify for some
of the assistance.

I set up a fund for the family shortly after the accident happened in July.
So far the fund sits at $1200 which is pretty good. I hope that by reaching
out at the NSH convention and the NSH in Action that more people will
become aware of this situation and will be willing to help out is some way.
The family is not only in need of monetary support but also information
people can provide on government agencies or other organizations that may
be able to help them. Also, if anyone has any information on new speech
pathology techniques that may help Morgan the family would be most
grateful. I know we as an organization can find some way to help. 

We definitely want to thank those who have already provided great
information and monetary support as it is being put to good use.

Thanks again histonetters,
Lynn Gardner, HT(ASCP)

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