Morgan Dize update

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From:Lynn Gardner <>
Date:Mon, 20 Sep 1999 10:36:01 -0400
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For those of you following the Morgan Dize situation here is the latest

I spoke with Lynn Dize today and she says that Morgan is progressing along
very well physically, she is walking on her own and is starting to use her
right hand which she wasn't using at all a couple of weeks ago. There is a
problem that will soon hinder Morgan's physical therapy as the family's
insurance has just informed them that they (insurance company) will soon
not pay for Morgan's physical therapy. It will become the family's
responsibility. The family is looking into other options but there are not
a lot of those out there! This is a real problem for families with
catastrophic injured loved ones.

There has been a bit of a set back as Morgan seems not to be trying to talk
as much which concerns her family, however, the speech therapists seem to
think it may be that she is trying to concentrate on her physical therapy
more right now and is therefore not speaking as much, at least this is the

Days for Lynn and family are hard as they don't see any huge changes in
Morgan just small ones from week to week and sometimes they don't seem to
see any changes which is difficult to say the least. 

If anyone out in histoland knows of any help that the Dize family could
qualify for as far as helping with the physical therapy situation or people
who can offer their experience and words of encouragement please let me
know ( or send information to the family directly at:

Lynn Dize
266 Bluebird Circle
Duluth, GA 30096

There is good news. The fund we have established for the family sits close
to $1200 right now!! This is great. If you know if anyone, any institution,
company or organization that would like to contribute to this situation
please e-mail me at the above address and I will send out the information
necessary to contribute to this fund. I am truely amaized at what we have
accomplished this far histonetters it is a wonderful thing.

Also, everyone please note that there will be information on this situation
at the National meeting in October. We will have information at several
places and I will be happy to collect funds for the Dize family if people
do not want to send them directly. Please let your co-workers and people
attending the meeting know to look for this information as I think we can
all learn from this situation.

Take Care and Thank all of you for your generocity!
Lynn Gardner, HT(ASCP)

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