GI's and processor problems

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From:"Jennings-Siena, Debbie" <>
To:"''" <>
Date:Thu, 30 Sep 1999 11:52:53 -0500

Please help me figure this out.  We had a processor problem last night.  Our
rotary open style processor messed up last night and all of the GI biopsies
got dunked in each solution twice.  I pryed them out of the paraffin coated
basket and then made new cassettes.  Removed the tissues and heated them for
10 minutes and then dunked them in 2 changes of xylene and 1 change of
absolute for 5 minutes each.  Then we reprocessed starting in 95% alcohol,
100% alcohol and then xylene and paraffin.  Today, the sections are
unreadable according to the pathologists.  There is no nuclear detail and
the tissues are very eosinophilic.  I am racking my brain trying to figure
this out.  I decided that maybe some one with a clear head could help out.
We have had our slide stainer, our processor and our coverslipper all break
this week.  So I am just trying to put out fires everywhere. Thanks for your

Debbie Jennings-Siena
Baylor University Medical Center

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