proving the Big Bang Theory of PMMA Storage

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From:Gayle Callis <>
Date:Tue, 31 Aug 1999 15:16:55 -0600

Dear fellow Boneheads and PMMA users,

Should have listened more carefully to my own advice given the past week
or so, on PMMA disposal.  I disposed of pure monomer, used to clear
a specimen, into a large gallon jar with polymerized PMMA in the bottom,
less than 1/4 the volume of the jar. Mistake No. 1, I did screw the lid
down and within two hours, it blew up!  The side of the jar exploded, 
scared the begollies out of me (in the midst of doing an IHC protocol!)
Won't tell you what I said, leave that to your imagination!  But the 
crash was unbelievably loud.

The only thing that saved my derriere was the glass jar was placed in a
large plastic bucket, shards of glass and the monomer were contained, and
lo! no odor, all was contained in a hood.  All I can say is, be careful!
What an eyeopener!  I don't know if the tight cap would have made that
much difference, and I had no desire to test temp of a gooey mess.
The surprise is time factor for this to go to the moon, only two hours 
or so to KABOOM! 

AT least what I did correctly (plastic bucket and hood) outnumbered the
dumb factor (tight lid!), and I came out ahead. Did not have to call out 
an anamused chemical bombsquad cleanup crew.

Just take care, ok!!!

Gayle Callis, in a high state of chagrin and blind luck!

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