Soap deparaffinizing

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From:Tim Morken <>
Date:Fri, 03 Sep 1999 08:00:32 -0400 (EDT)
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A soap deparaffinizing technique was detailed about two years ago in Lab 
Medicine by a person in Sweden. What is the reference in J Appl Immuno?

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From: marsha r price <>
Subject: Re: RE: Declere
Date: Thu, 02 Sep 1999 19:01:42 -0500

There is an interesting article in Journal of Applied
Immunohistochemistry, that describes a time saving technique in which you
can skip the deparaffinization step and go straight to the antigen
retrieval solution. You can use any antigen retrieval  solution (Citrate
Buffer is my favorite). It is the heat that in the antigen retrieval step
(HIER) that is deparaffinizing the slides. You can remove any residual
paraffin by rinsing in Dawn dishwashing detergent and DI water after the
antigen retrieval step. If you would like my procedure or any recipes let
me know.

Marsha Price, HT,QIHC (ASCP)

On Thu, 2 Sep 1999 08:54:41 +0100 "margaret blount"
<> writes:
 >Where does this interesting reagent come from? I would like to give it
 >a whirl.
 >Margaret BLount
 >Unilever Research
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 >From:	Shotsberger-Gray, Wanda
 >Sent:	Tuesday, August 31, 1999 7:39 PM
 >To:	'Histonet';
 >Subject:	RE: Declere
 >Terry, We used this at Harris (and still do for some ABs).  It works
 >well!  We have used both pressure cooker and Energy Beam Microwave
 >protocols, both work well.  Give it atry.  I think you will likeit.
 >Wanda Shotsberger
 >Harris Methodist Hospital
 >Fort Wort TX
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 >To: 'Histonet'
 >Subject: Declere
 >Date: Wednesday, August 25, 1999 7:41AM
 >I have just been handed some information on a substance called
 >Declere which apparantley de-waxes, rehydrates and unmasks
 >antigens in formalin fixed paraffin section,all at the same time.
 >Has anyone used, or is using this for ICC?
 >Terry Hacker,
 >Medical Research Council,

Marsha Price HT (ASCP), QIHC (ASCP)

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