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Date:Tue, 14 Sep 1999 18:17:42 -0700
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Dear Michelle,
                          Read your inquiry on the Histonet.   If you want a
really quick method to test for formaldehyde I will agree the Schiff's
Reagent is the quickest method for detection.  Color change from clear to
dark fuchsin indicates aldehyde detection.   If you want to get a little
more analytical about your test.  Try spectrum chemicals at :  800-772-8786,
their website is  They have a color assay test
strip that indicates aldehyde presence, but also can determine parts per
million.  If you want to take your testing one step further,  as a
manufacturer of formalin products,  I enjoy using the Antech formalin assay
test.   Comes complete with analytical chemical reagents and a titration
chart that indicates (approximately) the percent of formaldehyde in the
solution you are testing and how much formaldehyde to add if it is not a
true 10% or 4% by vol.    Many of the large research labs use this kit for
analysis of their commercially obtain buffered formalin solutions.   If
think what is nice about the kit is the number of test you can obtain and
the flexibility of storing the kit at room temperature,  rather than
refrigerating your test strips.   If you have any questions,  please feel
free to email a response.  Good Luck

Rudy Gutierrez
Main:  800-543-8496
Fax:  760-7610859

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Date: Tuesday, September 14, 1999 3:05 PM
Subject: formalin detection

>Is there anything out there (aside from noses and eyes) to detect the
>presence of formalin in a specimen container.  One of our pathologist has a
>difficult time determining whether something was submitted in formalin or
>Thanks in advance,
>Michelle Skelton
>Alaska Native Medical Center

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