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From:Barry Rittman <>
To:histology <>
Date:Fri, 10 Sep 1999 08:49:20 -0500
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The technique that Anne mentions below is one we have used for some time and
it works well.
There are however some additional points I would mention.
1.    Celloidin will also dissolve in absolute alcohol (or in acetone). This
eliminated the use of ether - although the latter is more rapid.
2.    If you have used a thin layer of celloidin (we use 0.5% in
alcohol:ether) as the initial coating, it is not usually necessary to remove
it. In fact as noted above it usually dissolves in the absolute alcohol. For
friable sections the celloidin can be retained by using a mixture of absolute
alcohol:chloroform (with minimum of 15-20% chloroform by volume).
3.    Celloidin, while useful in retaining sections on slides will prevent the
penetration of enzymes so that if you are using a diastase digestion you will
need to cover the section with celloidin after the digestion step.
4.    Celloidin is permanently stained by some techniques such as celestine
blue due to the acidity of the stain.
5.    The celloidin to be used must be celloidin and not the Low Viscosity
Nitocelluloses which are more nitrated and sulfated. The LVNs are less
flexible and tear more easily.

"Anne S. van Binsbergen" wrote:

> Sections are soaked/covered in celloidin PRIOR to staining
> Place into celloidin solution from rehydrating absolute alcohol for about
> 3-5min, drain upright and when 'dry to touch' place in 70% alcohol -3-5min
> and thereafter into dist water. Stain with whatever you wish and  from the
> dehydration alcohol place into 1:1 ether alcohol until celloidin has
> dissolved. Voila!
> I kept 25 micron thick 'jumbo' sections of brain on slides during silver
> stains most successfully using this technique.
> Good luck
> Annie in Africa
> Anne S. van Binsbergen
> Laboratory Manager
> S.A.I.M.R. Anatomical Pathology
> Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital
> PO Box 1038
> Johannesburg 2000
> South Africa
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