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Date:Tue, 07 Sep 1999 21:44:48 -0500

The late Don Myers' formula is:

Biebrich scarlet (ws) (C.I. No. 26905)       0.4 gm
Eosin Y, (C.I. No. 45380)                        5.0 gm
Phloxine B (C.I. No. 45410)                     2.1 gm
95% ethanol                                           200 mL
Distilled water                                         800 mL

The weights given are for total dye content.  Greater amounts, therefore,
must be added for dyes having less than 100% dye content (i.e., all).
Biebrich scarlet is not certified by the Biological Stain Commission; no
percent dye content will be stamped on its label.  Acetic acid is not added.
Combine the ingredients at room temperature, stir, and filter before using.
Staining time is a few dips.

Bob Richmond describes it as "an eyeblasting eosin-mix" that "stained all
kinds of stuff you can't see with the wimp eosin that's around nowadays."
Bob is a Hopkins-trained pathologist who used to look at tissues stained by
this formula.

Gary W. Gill

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> Could Gary please share Meters Eosin with us all.  I am very happy with
> eosin but am always looking to improve things. Thanks
> Christine Lee,
> Senior Scientific officer,
> Veterinary Pathology and Anatomy,
> University of Queensland.

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