RE: xylene recylers: source of skepticism

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Date:Tue, 14 Sep 1999 09:25:48 -0400
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There will be an article written by me and a coworker appearing in
Microscopy Today about the use of molecular sieves for drying reagents.
You can subscirbe to Microscopy Today by e-mail:

I used recycled xylene for years and had a B&R recycler for years.  The
only complaint was the odor. I was told it was cleaner than purchased
xylene because during recylcing  benezene is removed.

We also recycled alcohol but only used it in the tissue processors.  I did
not trust it in the staining dishes.

Rande Kline
Technical Services
EM Science

"Gary W. Gill" <> on 09/13/99 11:00:05 PM

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Subject:  RE: xylene recylers: source of skepticism

Let's go a step further and reduce the need for the new xylenes AND
recyclers.  Recently I described the use of molecular sieves in xylene, in
conjunction with daily filtration, to permit infinite recycling without
special handling and thereby ELIMINATE the need for recyclers -- at least
cytology.  I noted this method does not work, however, for paraffin
contaminated xylene.  Depending on your workload, this method saves
thousands of dollars in xylene purchase and disposal costs.  I deliberately
omitted the details.  Curiously, no one on Histonet or Cytopathnet asked
more information.  How come?

Gary W. Gill

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On Thu, 9 Sep 1999, sharon oaborn wrote:

> No, I have not heard that recycled xylenes is harmful to processors!
> Interesting take--wonder where that might have originated?

   It can only be a rumour deliberately promulgated by the purveyors
   of new xylene, with their pointed beards and black cloaks,
   gnashing their teeth as they suffer terribly from the reduced
   demand for their product. They instruct their hapless salesmen to
   tell these falsehoods at the same time as secretly hoarding their
   own accumulated millions in Swiss bank accounts. They also
   ill-treat the child labourers in the xylene factories of Africa
   and Asia, who toil for more than 18 hours a day, among their dark,
   satanic stills.

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