RE: xylene recylers: skepticism; WHY in deed?

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From:"R.Wadley" <>
Date:Wed, 15 Sep 1999 09:22:34 +1000
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	Dear Gary,

	Yes, I saw your posting.  Was I skeptical, yes.  I read it, raised an
eyebrow, thought 'thats nice' & moved on.  I can see that your method does
work very nicely as you describe given your conditions.  But it does NOT
eliminate the need for recyclers because the bulk of the xylene used in a
lab does not come under those conditions.  My other problem is that the
stuff does evaporate & get contaminated by other products than water.

	Would I use your method under the conditions you have described?  Yes,
almost certainly.  But if I could get my hands on a still I would grab it too.

	Of course I would not use xylene at all, I have had great success with a
substitiute that I would use in its place.  The stuff is called SlideBrite,
it has a few limitations, like its completely immiscible with xylene, but I
like it, its safe & easy to dispose of & it distills better than xylene (so
the supplier claims).

	Rob W.

>At 10:00 PM 9/13/99 -0500, Gary W. Gill wrote:
>Recently I described the use of molecular sieves in xylene, in
>conjunction with daily filtration, to permit infinite recycling without
>special handling and thereby ELIMINATE the need for recyclers
>omitted the details. 
> ... Curiously, no one on Histonet or Cytopathnet asked for
>more information.  How come?
>  Gary
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