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Date:Tue, 31 Aug 1999 16:37:50 -0400
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I'm sorry I do not have access to this tissue for you.  If you get no other
responses, I can contact some other labs in the field who may be able to
help you.  The important thing is to get the correct region.  It is very
narrow, and the prosectors must pay close attention.  Primate cardiac
stomach is glandular (as opposed to non-glandular in rodents), and is
adjacent to the esophagus.

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> Subject:	Primate tissue.
> I am doing class histology sets for the freshman medical students.  I am
> interested in
> obtaining tissue from the esophageal-gastric junction including the
> cardiac region.
> I am told that primate is the closest to the human for continuity  in that
> part of the
> human body.
> Does anybody know where I can call or e-mail to obtain this tissue from
> primate?  This
> area
> degenerates quickly at death and is hard to get from autopsy.
> Thanking you, hoping to receive some response.
> Marianne Osborne, HT,HTL(ASCP) 1-402-559-7292 or call Karen at
> 402-559-5123 to leave a
> message.

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