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Don Meters dissolved eosin, phloxine B, and biebrich scarlet in 19% ethanol
to make a modified eosin that stained tissues an intense red, with various
shades.  Now deceased, Don was Chief Histotechnologist in the Department of
Pathology at The Johns Hopkins Hospital for many years.  The histo lab is
named in his memory, as I recall.  I can provide the formula if anyone is

Gary W. Gill

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>	We use an alcoholic solution of Eosin & Phloxine. We do not add
>Thymol to it & have never demonstrated bugs from it.  When we used an
>aqueous Eosin, we did add Thymol.  I've never tested an aqueous solution to
>see if bugs would grow and how soon if no preservative was added.
>	Like you, I learned this practice when practically a child.
>Jeannie Fisher

	Your reply has thrown up another question. Eosin/Phloxine. When
using this stain do you add a 'pinch' of calcium chloride just before using
the stain. Another practice I learned as a trainee.

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