Muscle biopsy manual revisited

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Date:Tue, 07 Sep 1999 14:23:20 -0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

A couple of years ago I was overwhelmed by requests for my Muscle Biopsy
Snap Freezing and Enzymehistochemistry manual.  Some few did get sent
out but because of its' size (30 pages) I simply could not, cost wise,
copy and mail out 30+ copies.  An electronic version did not exist as it
was done in the days before PC's were common.   

Over this past WET Laborday weekend I used the wizardry of my new
scanner and OCR  proram and lo and behold!  It now exists electonically.
 The file is maybe a bit on the large side but it now exists.  

It is in MS Word and the text file is 4.8 MB the 2 figures are 312 K &
837 K the color fiber typing chart is (gasp) 13MB 

For those of you that want it let me know by e-mail and I'll sent it out
to you.  NO, don't worry Herb, I'll not send it through the HistoNet ;-)

best regards,
Robert Schoonhoven
Laboratory of Molecular Carcinogenesis and Mutagenesis
Dept. of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
office 919-966-6343
   Lab 919-966-6140
   Fax 919-966-6123 

Don't go around saying the world owes you a living; the world owes you
nothing; it was here first. 
Mark Twain [Samuel Langhornne Clemens] (1835-1910) 

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