Morgan Dize update

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From:Lynn Gardner <>
Date:Thu, 09 Sep 1999 08:56:19 -0400
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Dear all,

Below is a note from Lynn Dize letting me know of Morgan's update. It is
really sweet so I am copying it to all of you. I could not tell from the
e-mail if she just sent it to me or to everyone so sorry if you have
already read this:

Subject: Morgan update 


Well she seems to be enjoying day rehab although it's hard to tell. She
does not complain about anything. She chews on absolutely everything! It
does not matter what it is-pillows, sheets, clothes, toys and even the
furniture! This makes life very interesting to say the least. She can
walk well on her own now and is starting to use her right hand a little
more. ( She can open it now but it still takes a lot of concentration.)
It is still very difficult for her to pick anything up with it she can't
seem to do it at will, but with out thinking about such as when crawling
on hands and knees she now has it open. Last week she would keep it
closed and it would take her about 30 minutes to go about 15 feet. Now
she gets where ever she wants. She has learned to crawl over to
something and then stand up and walk. This past weekend she learned how
to get up on the sofa by herself. It's a pillowback sofa, she gets up
there and moves the pillows around and then starts chewing on them. We
gotta figure out how to curb this chewing thing. She is still very
nervous about going down stairs. From watching her my instints tell me
that her depth perception is way off. I mentioned this to one of her
physical therapists and she felt that that was probably true. We need to
have that tested. We still don't have true speech yet, just a few words
and a lot of garbled sounds (kinda like my typing! thank goodness for
spell checker). I feel that her progress will slow down some soon. Or
will be less noticable to those of us who see her every day. I will
write again soon. Please let everyone know that we thank them for all
the gifts, cards and donations. I gotta go change Morgan's pants now- oh
what fun :>) - we gotta repotty train too.

Love to you all,

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