HistoResin Plus?

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From:"J. Gilrein" <jergil@u.washington.edu>
Date:Thu, 09 Sep 1999 14:03:47 -0700 (PDT)
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Hello, my name is Jeremy Gilrein, and I am working as an undergraduate in
the Faustman lab at the University of Washington.  A part of my
responsibility in the lab is to develop a protocol for antibody staining
of a cytoskelatal protein found mainly in embryonic cells.  The tissue
samples that we will be working with are embedded in a material called
HistoResin Plus, produced by Jung.  Apparently, the HistoResin Plus allows
the antibody to bind only on the exterior of the sample, and does not
allow penetration of the antibody into the sample block.  This poses a
challenge, as a goal of the procedure is to find the number of cells
positive for the antibody within the sample block.  I would appreciate
any information from researchers who have used HistoResin Plus and
techniques they found to be optimal regarding the HistoResin, and if
indeed the HistoResin PLus does not allow antibody penetration into the
sample block.  If there is anyone who has done staining specific for
cytoskelatal proteins using material embedded in HistoResin Plus, that
would be an added bonus.  Thanks a lot, Jeremy

Jeremy Gilrein

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