Automatic Coverslippers I have tried...

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From:"Sandy Julsing" <>
Date:Wed, 01 Sep 1999 12:27:06 -0500
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Dear Histonetters,
   Sorry if this subject has been beaten to death recently, I just re-subscribed.  Anyway, we have tried 3 coversllippers, the Hacker, the Leica and the Sakura.
   The techs like the Sakura becasue IT WORKS and is easy and you can file slides the next day.  However, apparently there is a "haze" when viewing sections on certain Olympus hi-dri objectives.  
   Any comments or suggestions?  Also, I'd be interested in finding someone who uses the Hacker or Leica that has a similar volume of slides, (180/day histo and 250/day paps), and can actually get them to work consistently with out a lot of fussing.  Your help is most appreciated.       Sandosis

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