Re: [Histonet] comments/opinions on Shandon Gemini H & E stainer

From:Larry Woody

Put down the kool-aid and get as far away from that intsrument as possible and I'm not kidding.

Larry A. Woody  Seattle, Wa.

--- On Wed, 9/24/08, joelle weaver  wrote:

> From: joelle weaver 
> Subject: [Histonet] comments/opinions on Shandon Gemini H & E stainer
> To:
> Date: Wednesday, September 24, 2008, 4:18 PM
> Hello everyone-
> I wanted to see if anyone was willing to share any
> opinions, experiences or assessments of the Shandon Gemini
> stainer? This instrument is being considered for purchase by
> my laboratory. It will be primarily used for routine H &
> E staining and some cytology staining. We may only have
> limited ability to demo, so I wanted to see if anyone had
> anything that they might be willing to share regarding the
> pros and cons of this instrument. I have not personally used
> this instrument or many of its design style- so any
> information would be extremely helpful!
> Thanks so much!
> Joelle Weaver HTL(ASCP)
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